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导读: 以警句式结尾的英语演讲稿(共5篇)英语演讲结尾术欣赏-名言英语演讲结尾术欣赏-名言*With Celebrated Dictums 名言结尾术欣赏Chairman Mao has written, So many deeds cry...

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*With Celebrated Dictums


Chairman Mao has written, "So many deeds cry out to be done, and always urgently; the world rolls on, time presses. Ten thousand years are too long, seize the day, seize the hour!"

This is the hour, this is the day for our two peoples to rise to the heights of greatness which can build a new and a better world. In that spirit, I ask all of you present to join me in raising your glasses to Chairman Mao, to Prime Minister Zhou, and to the

friendship of the Chinese and American people which can lead to friendship and peace for all people in the world.

--(Speech by President Nixon of the United States at Welcoming Banquet 21 February, 1972)



本着这种精神,我请求诸位同我一起举杯,为毛主席,为周总理,为能够导致全世界所有人民的友谊与和平的中国人民同美国人民之间的友谊,干杯! --选自一九七二年二月二十一日欢迎宴会上美国总统尼克松的讲话

My friends, allow me to quote a traditional famous Chinese poem as my end. I think we can further and better understand that our parents love us warmly and deeply like that of a spring. Now I will recite the poem:

The thread in mother's hand─

A gown for parting son.

Sewn stitch by stitch, alas!

For fear of cold he'll stand.

Such kindness of warm sun

can't be repaid by grass.

May every one of us respect

and love our parents!

May our society be full of love!

Thank you all!www.mwopus.com_以警句式结尾的英语演讲稿。








The last cause of this disobedient spirit in the colonies is hardly less powerful than the rest, as it is not merely moral, but laid deep in the natural constitution of things. Three thousand miles of ocean lie between you and them. No contrivance can prevent the effect of this distance in weakening government. Seas roll and months pass between the order and the execution; and the want of a speedy

explanation of a single point is enough to defeat the whole system. You have, indeed, "Wingled ministers" of vengence, who carry your bolts in their pouches to the remotes verge of the sea. But there a power steps in that limits the arrogance of raging passion and

furious elements, and says: "So far shalt though go, and no farther." 殖民地这种不屈服的精神作为最后一个原因,其影响并不亚于其他的原因,因为这不仅仅是个道德问题,而且它深深植根于自然界事物的构造之中。你们和他们之间相距着万里大洋。来自那遥远统治的影响目前尚无法防止。通过海路传递命令到执行命令往往要几个月时间;只要有一个需迅速解决的问题即可彻底毁掉整个体系。你们确实面对着"长有翅膀的复仇大臣",他们的袋里




-To tell a story (about yourself); 讲个(自己的)故事;

-To acknowledge the occasion of the gathering; 对大家能够聚在一起表示感谢;

-To pay the listeners a compliment; 称赞一下听众;

- To quote; 引用名人名言;

- To use unusual statistics; 使用一些不平常的数据;

- To ask the audience a challenging question; 问观众一个挑战性的问题; - To show a video or a slide. 播放录像带或看幻灯片。



- Welcome to our company

- I am pleased to be able to welcome you to our company...

- I'd like to thank you for coming.

- May I take this opportunity of thanking you for coming

欢迎听众(非正式 )

- I'm glad you could all get here...

- I'm glad to see so many people here.

- It's great to be back here.

- Hello again everybody. Thank you for being on time/making the effort to come today.

- Welcome to X Part II.


- I am delighted/pleased/glad to have the opportunity to present/of making this presentation...

- I am grateful for the opportunity to present...

- I'd like to thank you for inviting/asking me/giving me the chance to...

- Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentleman

- It's my pleasant duty today to...


- I've been asked to...


- the subject of my presentation is...

- I shall be speaking today about...

- My presentation concerns...

- Today's topic is...

- Today we are here to give a presentation on...

- Today we are here to talk about...Before we start, I'd like you meet my team members...

- A brief look at today's agenda...(告诉听众所讲内容的先后顺序)

- Before we start our presentation, let's take a brief look at the agenda...

- I shall be offering a brief analysis of...

- the main area that I intend to cover in this presentation is...

- Take a moment and think of...

- Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about...


- During the next ten minutes, I shall...

- I shall be speaking for about ten minutes...

- My presentation will last for about ten minutes...

- I won't take up more than ten minutes of your time...


- I don't intend to speak for longer than ten minutes...

- I know that time is short, so I intend to keep this brief

- I have a lot to cram in to the next ten minutes, so I'd better make a start...


- I'm going to be speaking about something that is vitally important to all of us. - My presentation will help solve a problem that has puzzled people for years... - At the end of this presentation you will understand why this company has been so successful for so long...

- I am going to be talking about a product that could double your profit margins... - the next ten minutes will change your attitude to sales and marketing...

- Over the next ten minutes you are going to hear about something that will change the way your companies operate...

- By the end of this presentation you will know all there is to know about...


- there are five main aspects to this topic (...the first, ... the second, ...a

third, ...another, ... the final)

- I am going to examine these topics in the following order (...first, ...next, ...after that, ...finally)

- I've divided my talk into five parts...

- I will deal with these topics in chronological order...

- I'm going to start with a general overview and then focus on this particular problem (...in general, ...more particularly).

- I want to start with this particular topic, and then draw some more general

conclusions from it (...specifically, ... in a wider context).

- there are (a number of) factors that may affect...

- We have to take into account in any discussion of this subject, the following


- We all ought to be aware of the following points.


-In conclusion, I'd like to...

-I'd like to finish by...


-By way of conclusion...

-I hope I have made myself understood

-I hope you have found this useful

-I hope this has given you some idea/clear idea/an outline of...

-Let me end by saying...

-That, then was all I had to say on...

-That concludes our presentation...

-I hope I've managed to give you a clearer picture of...

-If there are any questions, I'd be delighted to...

-Thank you for your attention...

-Let's break for a coffee at this point

-I am afraid that the clock is against us, so we had better stop here

-You have been a very attentive audience---thank you











l.开门见山 开门见山,就是直接提示演讲的中心,不讲多余的话,这样的开头,使听众一听就知道演讲的中心是什么,注意力马上就集中在演讲上。


3.从日常生活或切身体会入题 可以借助某事件、某一比喻、个人的经历或一段笑话,唤起听众的注意,同时使它成为与题目有关的媒介,或与演讲的主要内容衔接起来的因素。

4.用提问激发听众的思考 这种方法是根据听众的特点和演讲的内容,提出一些激发听众思考的问题,以引起听众的注意。





1、层次 我们都知道看文章,一遍不清楚,可以回头再看,而演讲却不同,听众只能听一遍,因此要求层次、条理十分清楚,能让听众一听就明白。


2、节奏 节奏,是指演讲内容在结构安排上表现出的张弛起伏。





2、展望未来,鼓舞斗志 在演讲结束时,提出任务,指明前途,提出希望,发出号召,鼓舞听众振奋精神,坚定信念,采取行动,会收到预期的效果。

3、用充满激情的话语作结 充满激情的话语能激起听众情绪的激动,激越的感情会使听众受到感染,并受到鼓舞。

4、用名言、诗句、歌曲作结。 用名言、诗句作结可以使演讲的主题得到有力的证明,加强演讲的力度,使听众在联想和印证中得到深刻启示。




  1. 演讲前的准备

  准备是搞好演讲的前提。首先是要确立一个题目或一个话题。一般演讲赛都分为命题演讲和即兴演讲。如要进行演讲比赛则必须对各个方面加以准备:游戏娱乐平台注册就送25、经济、文化、教育等,找好立意点,拟定题目,如游戏娱乐平台注册就送25方面的演讲主题:wto、统一、和平与发展、机遇与挑战;经济方面演讲主题:西部大开发、农村经济、再就业;教育方面演讲方题:中西方教育的不同、远程教育、终身教育、枪手;文化方面演讲主题:文化的交流与融合、校园文化;环保方面演讲主题:man and nature;科技方面演讲主题:网络、克隆、基因;卫生方面演讲主题:keep physically and mentally healthy;体育方面演讲主题:olympics……有些方面题目太大,可从多角度和多侧面思考,找好切入点,将题目细化和具体化,写出演讲稿的提纲,构思和组织演讲稿结构。



  2. 演讲稿的写作


  演讲稿的写作有严格的要求,就内容而言要主题鲜明,表达完整;就文章组织结构而言要思维清晰,逻辑性强;就语言而言要有感染力、形象生动。写作时可根据需要有效、正确地使用英语写作方法和技巧,如恰当地运用明喻、暗喻、夸张等各种修辞方法,用词要准确,尽量避免使用生僻、模糊、晦涩的字词。总之,要考虑听众对象,注意演讲的措辞,但又要简明扼要、有理有力、结构紧凑。许多着名的演说家的不朽之作都有振奋人心、扭转乾坤般的力量。从马丁.路德.金的“i have a dream”,美国总统林肯所作的着名的盖茨堡演说,到克林顿在北大的演说,不少句子都成为不朽的佳句,值得认真研读。

  3. 进行演讲



  有了充分的准备,进行演讲就不太难了。在演讲的整个过程中还要注意一些演讲的要领与技巧,如演讲者与听众目光的接触(eye contact),声音的抑扬顿挫(vocal variety),和肢体语言的配合(hand gestures and body language)等等,但要恰当,不要太多,否则会喧宾夺主,影响演讲效果。





  Dream, with each one of us.

  Dream is beautiful, it is the bottom of my heart the most beautiful expectations, so the dream also become our long-held beliefs.

  Dream is the sun, it makes people from impetuous to solid, from the hesitation to the firm, and on the road to success.

  Dream is powerful, it is the life source of forward momentum; Lofty dreams can inspire a life all potential.

  Because of this we will go to dream, to grasp the dream, the pursuit of dreams.

  And because of country's dream is the one people's little dream, is not affected by big dream small dreams, but just because one little dream realization and achievement of the establishment of the great dream, why not?

  My dream, our dream, to improve the Chinese dream.

  To you the day of my dreams to realize, is standing at the time of China.


  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today my topic is “My Dream,Chinese Dream”.

  Dream, is a beacon of your life; dream, is your better vision; dream, is you ideal wings; and having dreams, you will have a future.

  “Now, everybody was discussing the Chinese dream, I think, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation since the modern time.the words are claimed by Xi Jinping. This is the general secretary of Xi jinping „s Chinese dream. But as a contemporary college students, what is our Chinese dream? Can we dare to dream?

  The answer is yes. We college students have no dare not dream, we not only need to bravely dream, but also hard to dream! As we all know, the highest honor of the nursing field is get the Nightingale prize. Each of years china had more or less people gotten this honor. Whenever I see the time that they wearing a silver medal and holding flowers standing on the podium to getting applause and glory, I couldn't help of imaging myself standing on the stage like them in future, that could be how glorious. This is my dream, my dream of Nightingales.

  And I, a new era of college students, I am proud of my dream, proud of our motherland. When the dream into reality, in a era which let the youth realizing their ideal, I believe my dream will be realizing in the near future!

  Finally, I would like to inviting all of yours, please stretch out your hands, let us applause to achieve the dream of tomorrow!

  That's all. Thank you.


  Our new president Xi Jinping came up with the dream of the Chinese nation's rejuvenation on December 29, 2012. He said: the Chinese dream is a dream of national strength prosperity and people's happiness. Our people have an ardent love for life. They wish to have better education, more stable jobs, more income, greater social security , better medical and health care, improved housing conditions and better environment,They want their children to grow well, have ideal jobs and lead a more enjoyable life. To meet their desire for a happy life is our mission."

  He also expounded his views of realizing our great dream. He said: To realize the dream, China must take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The country must also foster the Chinese spirit,in which patriotism and the spirit of reform and innovation play a core role, and unite 1.3 billion people of all ethnicities into a great source of strength.

  I always ask myself what can I do for our great Chinese dream ? As we all know that the wiser the youths are ,the wiser the nation will be;the wealthier the youths are ,the wealthier the nation will be;the stronger the youths are ,the stronger the nation will be. Here the word wealthy means: enriching our knowledge reserve. As a new generation of science, every one here shouldering the great historical mission of making china powerful and strong. You may say that this may exaggerate our role, but I want to say you are wrong. If I am a little screw our great dream may be a multifunction and complex machine. Through this example I just want to say I am very tiny but I am indispensable .

  President Xi also said: We must make persistent efforts, press ahead with indomitable will, continue to push forward the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and strive to achieve the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.We are closer than in any other time of history to the goal of rejuvenating the Chinese nation. We are more confident and capable of achieving this goal than in any other period of history," “.””

  I believe that as long as all of our university students unite together and perform our own functions that study hard in school and work hard after we graduating from university . we must be able to achieve our great dream meanwhile enrich ourselves unwittingly! lets us unite together to realize Chinese nation's great rejuvenation to struggle!









  Everybody has a dream,Martin Lutherking has a dream----and we can all recall his Civil Rights Speech.

  Phil Knight had a dream --and now the wohole world knows his Nike slogan:"just do it.

  " I also have a dream I have a dream, that is, one day my parents get old, they will not have any diseases, any pains or any sorrow.

  They will live happily until the day they have to leave for the other world.

  There’s always plenty of sunshine in their everyday life.

  This is my dream and it is my greatest happiness.

  I have a dream, that is, one day all the dogs in the world will have their homes.

  They will be kindly taken care of, they will be deeply loved and they will be the most valuable friends to people.

  I also hope, all the people in the world will realize that dogs are the connection between human beings and heaven.

  This is my dream and it is my greatest happiness.

  I have a dream, that is one day there will be no wars in the world.

  No blood, no wounds, no deaths, no hate, only love and responsibility.

  We live together and love each other.

  There is no difference between us.

  , this is my dream, this my greatest happiness.

  I have a dream , I have thousands of dreams.

  I dream that one day they can come true.

  This is my dream and it is my greatest happiness.


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